lundi 28 mai 2012

Une inspiration National Trust pour cette semaine.

View into the Green Closet at Ham House.


Pour bien commencer cette semaine, j'ai juste envie de montrer une petite partie du patrimoine Britannique. 
Laissez vous emporter par ces belles photos du National Trust.

Vieuw from the Top Terrace at Powis Castle.

State bed, probably made in the rarly eigteenth century for James, 3rd Viscount Scudamore, by Francis Lapierre and at Holme Lacy until brought to Beningbrough in about 1918.

Baroque-style display of East Asian porcelain at Beningbrough Hall, North Yorkshire.

The central conservatory and palm house in the walled garden at Clumber.

The tent Room, one of the bachelor bedrooms dating from 1835-41.

The Stone Parlour at Dunham, orgially an informal dining room in the Tudor period, with early eighteenthcentury panelling, which was remodelled in antiquarian fashion in 1906.

Walnut shutters with carvings designed by William Bankes.

The taproom at Stowe.

An ilusionistic interior painting by Samuel van Hoogstraeten seen at the end of an enfilade at Dyrham.

One of the carved doorways of the State Dining Room at Tredegar.

Bonne semaine mes amis!!!



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  1. Dear Jerome - a very timely post to show some British properties, particularly as this weekend we are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen. Most of these houses I know quite well. Dyrham is just down the road from me. I did a post on it this month when they were holding their Tulipmania. Tredegar is also a short journey over the River Severn into Wales, and is somewhere I am looking forward to visiting this year. It is new to the NT. An interesting post - thank you.

  2. What a fantastic place, Jerome! The painting which looks like a long hallway is stunning! So real! And so many beautiful details in each photograph.

    Hope you had a good start of the week!

    Bon semaine, Jerome!

  3. Hello Jerome

    The architecture is superb. I love it


  4. La peinture de Hoogstraeten de l'illusion est grand amusement Jerome. Le lit d'état est simplement exquis ?

  5. Hello Jérome:
    For us this post is a very special treat for, with the odd exception, all of these houses are well known to us and have been visited on more than one occasion. The National Trust is, as you show here, rich in treasures which are, probably, without equal in such number elsewhere.

  6. Dear Jérome - I made a comment earlier but it appears to have gone the way of many comments these days, and disappeared into blogosphere.
    As a member of the NT I have visited most of these lovely properties, and did in fact do a post this month on Dyrham when they held their Tulipmania event.
    It seems appropriate that you are showing some English houses this week when we are about to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

  7. Dear Jerome, Thank you for sharing all these inspiring views. I especially like the first image with all that wonderful gilding. Maybe one could achieve the same effect with picture frame material.

  8. hi Jerome!
    lovely pictures and interiors! :) :)

  9. WOW! amazing! one of these days I must do a tour of all these fine estates in England. Breathtaking!!


  10. As usual, a most entertaining and beautiful post! I LOVE all the decor Jermoe, Thank you!


  11. tellement joli, beau et inspirant
    un national trust, cela manque chez nous!

  12. oooh, a tent room. i love it.
    and the floors in the tap room are lovely too.
    thanks for choosing these to show us.