samedi 5 mai 2012

Un jardin de buis


Dernièrement, j'ai trouvé sur le net ce superbe jardin en Belgique avec beaucoup de buis que j'avais envie de partager avec vous.

 Pour l'instant je regarde beaucoup les jardin pour trouver l'inspiration pour le mien. Parce que les plantes on très fort souffertes pendant  l'hiver rude de cette année.  Il y a même beaucoup de plantes qui sont mortes :( 
Mais, comme ça c'est le moment idéale pour repenser son jardin :)

Laisser vous emmener par ces photos qui sont une grande source d'inspiration pour moi. Et vous? Aimez-vous aussi ce genre de jardin?

Source images:

Bon weekend!!!



13 commentaires:

  1. Hello Jerome!

    The garden looks lovely, though I prefer to have everything grow naturally, including boxwood. :) Still, a very interesting and sweet find!


  2. hi jerome!
    beautiful pics- just litke this garden i would love to make myself :) its lovely. :)
    have a great weekend!

  3. Dear Jerome - We have lots of Box in our garden. Box balls, edging hedges and circles round trees. We like it because it gives structure to the garden all year round.

  4. I love how neat and precise this garden looks. Doesn't require constant weeding and watering! Have a wonderful week, Jerome. xo

  5. J...Wonderful post! About one year ago I started replacing any thing in my garden that had died, or just wasn't making it, with boxwood. My entire front border is overflowing with them now!....I love the look...Happy Weekend! k

  6. Le buis me ravit toujours, hiver comme été il structure élégamment le jardin, offre un si bel écrin aux roses et lavandes . J'aime beaucoup la photo 5 l'ensemble des topiaires qui bordent la maison, spectaculaire!!
    Bon week end à vous Jérome.

  7. A beautiful garden, Jerome! Love all the boxwood and the ivy growing on the walls. Really enchanting!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  8. I love box topiaries and have a few in my garden. This garden is lovely - verdant green. I would love squares of box with a path crossing them filled with herbs or roses but I don't think I'd like a whole garden of box, I'd like a looser more natural style to the rest of the garden.

  9. Love 'le buis' !!!! And your post, fabulous! Could live very easily being surrounded with all these.... Having had plans for something like it years ago, last century :), but ended up with 16 balls of bux so far, which keep me busy with regular clipping!

    Thank you for these wonderful images, architectural bux design in a 'normal' garden!

    Happy Sunday my dear friend,

  10. Jerome you really found some beautiful garden pictures. I'm so sorry so many of your shrubs didn't make it after your rough winter but now you get to recreate. I'm going to be putting in a boxwood hedge starting today myself so these images give me a few more ideas. I hope you're enjoying your weekend.


  11. Jérôme,
    First of all thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    Oh dear, the house here is just gorgeous! I do visit the dochy site a lot! Always beautiful houses to find! But this one is top!!!

  12. To me, this garden is absolute perfection. My dream is manuicured boxwood, sculpted topiary and only blue and white flowers. Beautiful!

  13. This is a lovely garden Jerome, lots of boxwood movement and direction with pockets of colour emerging through.