mardi 28 février 2012

Entre ciel & terre


Dernièrement, j'ai découvert une chambre d'hôtes dans ma région: Entre ciel & terre. Cette demeure familiale ce trouve au centre d'un petit village qui s’appelle Erezée. Impossible de deviné de la rue un jardin de 2 hectares avec une vue qui surplombe la vallée. J'espère que vous allez aimer cette petite visite...

Pour plus d'informations:

A bientôt



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  1. ooo i love those garden pictures! soon is summer! woohuu! :D

  2. Hello Jerome,
    So many wonderful images here, this looks to be the perfect place for rest and relaxation in style. If we could steal something, it would be the stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls....we have the perfect place in our hall!!!!

    Hoping you are well...

  3. What wonderful Jerome .... when can I come .... I already feel at home.
    This is enjoyment of life .... I look forward to your next post.
    With warm regards,

  4. Oh Jerome, what a beautiful home! and the garden is heavenly! I would love that dresser in my kitchen. The green colour, though not one I would have chosen, is gorgeous in that bedroom! What I love most about it is despite its grandeur and size it very warm and homely. I could definitely live in this house. So many beautiful elements, just beautiful!


  5. A beautiful building indeed, and the interiors have that rustic elegance that I love. Thanks for sharing, Jerome, and hope you are having a great week!

  6. What a peaceful place it is. Just looking at the pictures makes you relaxed, I wonder what an experience it will be to live in that villa. There is one thing in common in this villa and my house, the same "dog shoe scraper" at the front door. :)

    Best wishes

  7. Places that you show are very charming, we like the atmosphere. Watching your blog is an extraordinary journey for us. All the best, sisters Joanna and Jola.

  8. I adore all of these images, I feel transported...I wish I could wave my wand and...voila' I'm there...unfortunately I cannot do that!
    Thanks for the lovely break Jerome xo

  9. Looks like a gorgeous family home and very big. The gardens are stunning and I see why you say it lives between heaven and earth...looks more like heaven to me. Thank you for sharing!


  10. It looks like the right place for a long weekend, being in heaven!
    Very charming and inviting! Love the individual bedrooms!


  11. Such a beautiful home and post!!! I LOVE teh colours and teh feel of the place! :)


  12. Jerome,
    This would truly be a place to be lost in and with no desire to be found, lovely. – gary

  13. Jerome, I just discovered your blog and have spent the morning with my coffee enjoying the wonderful posts.

    A bientot.